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Peaking a point vs. peaking a curve segment

The peak and round tools are your friend if you need to have flat and even patches or curves in your model. One thing about them is important to know and perhaps not obvious to a beginner: Both tools operate differently on control points and curve segments.

Usually each control point in your model is attached to two splines:

In the image above, all control points have been added while the peak/round tool was set to ‘round’. Now let’s see what happens if we apply the peak tool to control point A:

We can see that both splines passing through control point A now have a peak there. Now while that is what we probably expected, what if we wanted the spline going from A to C to be smooth and the one going from A to B to have a peak in A? That’s possible too! To achieve this, select point A and press Tab several times, until the curve segment between A and B is highlighted. Now apply the peak tool:

As we can see, we now have one round (A to C) and one peak (A to B) spline going through control point A.

To cut a long story short: Applying the peak tool to a control point will apply it to all splines going through the control point. To peak only selected splines, select a curve segment via Tab before applying the peak tool (Of course it’s the same with the round tool).

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