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A tutorial for the Newbies made by Nine in six parts altogether only around 1.6 MegaByte

You can go to to download the .zip-files ans see all the tutorials in the same time or you can have a look at it here(Your browser have to have the FlashPlayer plugin installed):

PART 1 Rotating, moving and zooming the views. Learning that models are made up of points, splines and patches. Having a look on valid and non-valid patches. Learning that patches have a backside and a frontside. Looking at rendering options for the patches backside. And learning what a rotoscope is good for.

PART 2 Making a three point patch.

PART 3 Instead of making a new four point patch in the same way as making the three point patch we will use the three point patch to make a four point patch.

And then making a five point patch out of the four point patch

and flipping the patch.

PART 4 Rotating a selection. Copying a selection to make a clone. Making hooks.

PART 5 Making a four point patch by extruding a 2 point spline. And then peaking and rounding a point. Zoom to fit selected and rotate around selected points. Moving points in only one direction. Peak - Round and Show tangents. Naming selections and hiding selections.

PART 6 Making a vase by lathing a spline. Making a tube by extruding a circle.

The tutorials are made with the free WINK program -

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