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I’ll just pllaying around to learn wiki, so nothing special with the info you find here, do what ever you want with links and docs…


Just a test

Unpublished - jPatch Tutorials

Modelling Basics

  • Creating an apple Just two notes:
    • You can upload and embed images (e.g. screenshots). I had troubles with large .png images, but .gif and .jpg seem to work fine.
    • It’s not necessary to flip all backfacing patches manually. You can select the entire object and use the “align patches” tool. If the majority of the patches face in the wrong direction now, use “flip patches”. After that, select the parts of the object that are still facing in the wrong direction (you can use the ENTER key twice to expand a selection to all connected parts) and flip them one after the other. /sascha


Image upload test

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