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New version number scheme

JPatch version strings contain two or three version numbers, separated by a dot: MAJOR.MINOR or MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

JPatch 0.2.1 is, for example, major version 0, minor version 2, patch level 1

Beginning with JPatch 0.5 odd minor version numbers (0.5, 0.7,…) will denote development branches and even minor numbers (0.6,…) will denote stable branches. In the development branches new features will be introduced and old code may be reworked. Once a development version becomes reasonably stable I’ll create a new stable branch and increment the minor version number.

JPatch 0.5 Documentation

This documentation covers only new or modified features in the current development branch. For an overview please see also the JPatch 0.4 documentation

JPatch 0.4 Documentation



Getting help

If you have any questions regarding JPatch please ask them in the JPatch Forum.

JPatch Documentation Project

Note: This project is a very early work in progress. Don’t expect the information in it to be complete.

JDP overview

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