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Note: This version of the documentation is based on the 0.5.2 release.

These are mostly just stubs, since the next version changes the interface. Listing all the features is pretty worthless, since it doesn’t supply the user with any knowledge on how to use the application. It would probably be better to do a guided tour setting up some sort of object, and then animating it.

A:M has a demo where they go through the steps of creating a vase from scratch, and then animate it. Perhaps something similar (a cup? a bouncing ball?) would be helpful.

Starting JPatch

When JPatch starts, you are presented with the JPatch Launcher window with the following options:

  • Start JPatch Modeler
  • Start JPatch Animator
  • Edit settings (not yet functional)

Select the option you wish to use.

Note: Later versions of JPatch start without the Launcher.


When the Modeler opens, it first displays the About JPatch dialog window. Click the OK button to close this window.

The JPatch Modeler window has a Menu Bar, Toolbar, Button Palette, Attribute Tree and a Display.

Menu Bar

The menu bar contains the following options:

  • File Options to Open and Save models, as well as change various settings.
  • Options Various look and feel settings.
  • Debug Options only useful to developers.
  • Help An “About JPatch” dialog.


The toolbar is split into a number of groups with options to:

  • New model, Open model and Save;
  • Options to split the viewpane into one two, or four views;
  • Options to change change the view direction;
  • Zoom to fit;
  • Undo and Redo;
  • Snap to Grid and Hide Selected;
  • Select Points and Select Bones;
  • Lock Points and Lock Bones;
  • Lock X, Y and Z axis; and
  • Exit Morph Edit mode

Button Palette

The button palette down the left side gives options for editing the model.

Attribute Tree

The attribute tree on the right side allows setting various attributes for the model. It’s a tree-based structure, with the model at the top level, and various attributes listed underneath:

  • Selections allows portions of the model to be selected, and then stored to this list.
  • Materials are the different attributes of the model’s “skin” (color, reflectivity, etc.).
  • Morphs (also know as blend shapes) allow the model’s skin to be posed (i.e.: blinks, muscle bulges).
  • Bones allow the model to be given a skeleton, and manipulated by moving the skeleton’s “bones”.


The display shows a view of the model. The display can be split into several panes, with each pane showing a different view. Built-in views include: Front, Rear, Left, Right, Top, Bottom and Bird’s Eye.

The display can also be manipulated with the mouse middle button, selecting an option from the Toolbar, or using the popup menu.


Portions of the model can be selected by clicking the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the area to be selected.

Popup Menu

Clicking the right mouse button over the display causes the context-sensitive popup menu to appear. Options include:

  • Show Show/Hide points, splines, and patches on the model.
  • View Change the view in the current pane.
  • Rotoscope Add a reference image to the pane.
  • Lock View/Unlock View Lock/unlock the view into place.
  • Selection Perform an operation on the selected portion of the model.
  • Tools Various operations on the selected point/spline/patch.


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