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What is JPatch?

  • JPatch is a program designed to create 3D character-based animation.
  • JPatch is cross-platform. Because it is written in Java, JPatch runs equally well on Windows, Linux, and the Macintosh.
  • JPatch creates models from 3D “patches” built by stitching together 3D splines. This allows the creation of very flexible, organic characters. This differs from most other 3D programs, which use polygons, subdivision surfaces, or NURBS.
  • JPatch supports both bone-based animation (currently very limited), and morph targets.
  • JPatch can import models in Animation Master (limited to spline geometry), as well as export spline models to common polygon-based formats.
  • You can use JPatch’s built-in renderer, or export to renderers such as POV-Ray or Renderman compatible renderers.

And what is it not?

JPatch isn’t …

  • Complete. JPatch is a work in progress, so various features may be missing, or very alpha quality. In particular, while the modeler is very functional, the animation features are only started to be developed.
  • A mesh modeler. JPatch uses patches (spline based surfaces) for modelling.
  • A clone of Animation:Master. Although they share similarities, JPatch neither is nor aims to be a copy of A:M.
  • A high-quality renderer. Although JPatch has a builtin raytracer called Inyo, you may still prefer using an external renderer to render images or animations of your models. See the documentation on how to use external renderers with JPatch for more information.

What does it look like?

Screenshots of JPatch can be found in the GUI reference.

Works done with JPatch

Take a look at the gallery to see some of the images and animations created with JPatch.

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